Live Records for Bulgarian National TV and Radio, ORF, Belgrad National Radio and TV, Classic FM Radio, etc.
All Excerpts here are with reduced sound quality.

Compositions by Derek Bell of the Chieftains and Beinsa Douno

Athene Minerva – ATH CD 14 (1998), London UK
Total playing time 73:52 min.
Performers: Derek Bell & Maria Tuturilova – harps
Vratza Philharmonic Orchestra – conducted by Valeri Vatcev
Tzvetanka Christoforu – mezzo soprano
Bulgarian National Philharmonic Choir

I. Invocation of the Violet Flame and the Golden Ray (Excerpt)
II. Invocation of Pan, God of Nature (Excerpt)
III. Poeme d’Amour (Excerpt)
IV. Waltz and Variations (Excerpt)
V. Finale: Procession Towards Shambhalla (Excerpt)

Musica Nova Sofia ISCM – Vol. 3

Music Author Bulgaria (1999)
World Premiere live concert record
Krassimir Taskov – „Nava-Trio“ (1998)
Total playing time 8:48 min
Performers: Maria Tuturilova – harp
Theodora Stoyanova – flute
Vyara Stefanova – viola

Maria Tuturilova – Solo Harp Demo CD vol.1

© M. Tuturilova, 1999
Total playing time 43:40 min

Gheorghi Arnaoudov – THYEPOLEO Orphic Mysterial Rites

Text Alexander Foll; Gega New – CD 223 (2000)
Based on original texts from G. Quandt’s „Orphei Hymni“ (1995)
Soloists: Maria Tuturilova – harp, lyra, psalterion, Concucted by T. Pavlovich

Reinl-Preis 2001

CD Franz Josef Reinl-Stiftung
Konzert der Preisträger aus den Wettbewerben Komposition & Harfe

Chamber Music by Nikolay Stoykov

CD #8008/ 10.07.2002 – Ministry of Culture of R. Bulgaria & S.I.N. Intermusic
Inclusive World Premiere live concert record Sonata for Harp and Piano op.62
Total playing time 13:50 min
Performers : Maria Tuturilova – harp
Ivo Stoykov – piano

N. Stoykov – Sonata (Excerpt)

Maria Tuturilova – Solo Harp Demo CD vol.2

© M. Tuturilova, 2002
Total playing time 29:50 min

Festliche Musik – Harfenklang zum Advent

CD live record (2003), © M. Tuturilova
Maria Tuturilova – solo harp
Recording, Mastering & Layot: Dr. H. Hillingrathner
Total playing time 52:53 min

Berühmte Melodien für Harfe und Violine

CD 2004, Vienna, © Tuturilovi
online download: Ton4music
Maria Tuturilova – harp
Dimitrinka Tuturilova – violine

A. Mudarra – Fantasia de Ludovico (Excerpt)
J. Massenet – Meditation (Excerpt)

Herwig Reiter – Messe für St. Augustin (2002)

World Premiere live concert record – 24.04.2004
Label KSA 27107 (2004), Total play time 50:55min
Soloists: Tünde Szaboki, Barbara Hölzl, Bernd Fröhlich, Adrian Eröd
Maria Tuturilova – solo harp
Choir and Orchestra St. Augustin – conducted by Alois Glassner
Herwig Reiter – Messe für St. Augustin

H. Reiter – Messe – Sanctus (Excerpt)

Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique

OEHMS Classics Musikproduction GmbH
Live Concert Record CD (2012)
Total playing time 55:15 min.
Tonkünstler Orchester NÖ
Conducted by Andrés Orozco-Estrada
Hector Berlioz – Symphonie fantastique op.14

H. Berlioz – Sympnonie fantastique – Un Bal (Excerpt)