The young Austrian harpist Mag. Maria Tuturilova is acknowledged as one of the new leading harpists on the concert scene today. Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), she began to play piano at 7 years old and the harp at 11 years old. She is since 2009 at the "Who is Who Austria" and since 2010 Austrian Resident.

During 1990-1995 she graduated the School of Music "L.Pipkov" (Sofia) in the harp class of Prof. Malina Christova. Miss M.Tuturilova subsequently went on to perfect her playing at the State Music Academy "Prof. P.Vladigerov" (Sofia, 1995-2000) in the harp and chamber music class of Prof. M. Christova, while at the same time studying in the Theoretic-Composer's Faculty at the Music Academy in the piano class of Prof. Ivan Eftimov; music pedagogy in the class of Senior Ass. Ph. Dr. Emilia Kolarova; chor conducting in the class of Prof. Miroslav Popsavov and organ in the class of Prof. Dr. Neva Krasteva. In June 2000 she received her MAGISTER DEGREE in the Instrumental Faculty as SOLOIST-HARPIST and in Theoretic-Composer's Faculty as CHOR-CONDUCTOR, and BACELOR DEGREE as MUSIC PEDAGOG (1999, June) with diplom work "From the History of the Bulgarian Harp School-Pedagogs, Players, Composers, Works".

In the period 1999-2001 she studied in the class of o.Univ.Prof. Adelheid Blovsky-Miller in the Vienna Music University - Postgraduate Specialization. Since 2001 Miss Tuturilova makes a Dr.Ph.Degree in Vienna Music University (dissertation's theme: The Harpist in the Vienna Philharmony) and a Dr.Degree in Sofia State Music Academy (dissertation's theme: The Interpretation's problems in the harp literature of bulgarian composers).

Mag. M.Tuturilova participated in the harp master classes with Prof. Annie Fontain (1993); Prof. Constance Popova (1994); Prof. Edward Witsenburg (1997) in the summer academy Mozarteum-Salzburg; Prof. Aoyako Shinozaki (1999); Prof. Catherine Michel (2000); Prof. Isabelle Moretti (2001); Prof. Josef Molnar (2002); Prof. Ion Ivan Roncea (2002); Prof. Patrizia Tassini (2002).

As a harpist, Mag. Maria Tuturilova is a PRIZEWINNER of the following COMPETITIONS & FESTIVALS:
° 1994: Ist National Competition "Young Music Talents" (Sofia) - GRAND PRIX
° 1994: Ist International Music Festival "Orfeo" (Sofia) - DIPLOM for OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE
° 1996: IVth International Competition "Petar Konjovic" (Belgrad) - GRAND PRIX and the SPECIAL PRIZE of the Union of the Serbian Composers for the best interpretation of the obligatory Serbian piece, written especially for the competition
° 1997: XXIst International Music Festival "Laureate's Days Katia Popova" (Pleven) - DIPLOM
° 1998: Vth Academic Competition "Prof. Nocola Stefanov" for chamber music (Sofia) - the SPECIAL PRIZE of the Foundation "Young Music Talents" and the PERSONAL PRIZE of Mrs. Teodora Bojadjieva (Paris)
° 1998: Vth International Young Music Competition "The Beach of Hope" (Dobritch) - FIRST PRIZE and MEDAL
° 1999: VIIth World Harp Congress - "Focus of Youth Concert" (Praha) - CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION
° 1999: VIth Academic Competition "Prof. Nicola Stefanov" for chamber music (Sofia) - the SPEZIAL PRIZE of the Union of the Bulgarian Composers
° 2000: Ist International Harp Competition "The Harp at the beginning of the XXI c." in memory of Prof. Vera Dulova (Moscow) - DIPLOM LAUREATE (the biggest prize)
° 2000: Ist International Harp Competition "Sofia 2000" (Sofia) - THIRD PRIZE (second not awarded)
° 2001: VIIIth International Harp Competition "Franz Josef Reinl" (München) - SECOND PRIZE (first not awarded)

° 1997/98 & 1998/99: Full Year Scholarship from the International Foundation "Open Society - Soros" for HIGH ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS
° 1998: GOLDEN BADGE for ACHIEVEMENTS from the National Society "Mati Bolgaria"
° 1999: Ministry of Culture of Rebuplic Bulgaria - full tuition scholarship to publish her diplom work as a Book
° 1999: World Harp Congress - Scholarschip for the participation at the World Harp Congress
° 1999/2000: Full Year Scholarship from the "Herbert von Karajan Centrum" (Vienna) together with "Dr. Robert und Lina Thyll-Dürr Stiftung" (Switzerland)
° since 2009 at "Who is Who Austria"

Mag. Maria Tuturilova has appeared as SOLO ARTIST with the leading orchestras and choirs such as: chamber orchestra "EPOCH" (conducted by Hans Jurgen Nagel); chamber orchestra "TEMPI CONCERTATI" (conducted by Vesselin Baitchev); chamber ensemble "SOFIA SOLOISTS" (conducted by Plamen Djurov); State Academic Sympfonic Orchestra; State Student Orchestra; Men's Choir "GUSLA" (conducted by Valentin Bobevski and Ivan Ivantchev); Womens Choir "Vassil Arnaudov" (conducted by Teodora Pavlovitch); etc. Also she has been invited to play on the music festivals in Bulgaria and abroad (Moscow, München, Hannover-World Expo 2000, Berlin - Konzerthaus, Amsterdam - Concertgebouw, Luzern, Geneva - World Harp Congress 2002, Madrid - El Escorial, Praha - World Harp Congress 1999, Budapest, Vienna - Musikverein, Konzerthaus, etc.).

She played as PRINCIPAL HARPIST in such orchestras as:
° State Music Theater "St. Makedonski" (1995-1997)
° 1st Private Orchester for Cinema Music SIF 39 (1996-1999)
° Sofia State Philharmonic (1997)
° New Symphonic Orchestra (1997-1999)
° Varna and Vraza State Philharmonic (1994, 1996, 1998)
° E.L.O.  Electric Light Orchestra, London (1999)
° Keio Wagner Society Orchestra Tokio (2002 & 2010 European Tour)
° member and principal harpist of Wiener Jeunesse Orchestra (2000-2002)
° Chamber Opera Vienna (2003, 2004, 2007)
° Operetten Metropol Baden Stadttheater (2005, 2006)
° substitute Vienna State Opera & Children Opera (2004, 2005)
° New Opera Vienna (2007-2009)
° Radio Symphonie Orchester (2001, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011)
° Wiener Kammer Orchester (2010)
Since 2003 she is the 2nd harpist/substitute at the Tonkünstler Orchester NÖ.
Among the artist she has worked with are Rossen Milanov, Emil Tabakov, Plamen Djurov, Kristjan Järvi, André Previn, Michail Jurowski, Dennis Russell Davies, Pierre Boulez, etc.

2001-2005 concerts for the "Live Music Now-Yehudi Menuhin" Vienna. 2002-2008 she played for City Hall in Vienna and 2008-2010 for Imperial Riding School.

Mag. Maria Tuturilova is the first performer of many harp pieces in Bulgaria, some of which are dedicated to her. She is the first woman in Bulgaria which have the official permission to make an instrumental concert in East-Orthodox church - 16.9.1997 as soloist of chamber ensemble "Sofia Soloist" conducted by Maestro Plamen Djurov.